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Duracozy campers are meant to provide comfort and utility while enjoying natures backcountry and other outdoor settings.  We support the principles of leaving no trace behind and of respecting the resources of nature.
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Welcome to Duracozy Expandable Camper
Duracozy© is a versatile self-contained expandable camper built for rugged backcountry uses including hunting, camping, fishing, boating and sightseeing. With the Duracozy pop up campers, you won’t have to worry about the hassle of setting up tents and sleeping on uncomfortable, lumpy ground any longer. The versatility of Duracozy truck campers provides a base for additional outdoor uses like motocross/ATV, horsemanship, and other sports. Regardless of your use, Duracozy provides the tow ability and off-road comfort you want for wherever your next adventure takes you.
These truck bed campers are the perfect solution for bringing a few of the comforts from home with you as you enjoy the wild outdoors. Duracozy campers allow you to go off-road where other recreational vehicles like RVs and tow-trailers can’t. Since our expandable trailers secured in your truck bed, you have the ability to easily travel into the back country. 
Our campers are simple and convenient to use. Some of the features offered include:
  • Factory installed push button power lift that fully expands the camper in less than four minutes
  • Sleeps two adults comfortably
  • Includes full kitchenette with a propane stove
  • 6-foot clearance for comfortable maneuverability 
  • Climate-controlled 12,000 BTU furnace
  • TV, mp3 stereo, and many other options
If you enjoy the wild outdoors, but wish you could have a little more comfort on your wilderness getaways, then contact us to get your own Duracozy camper today. We’ll change the way you think about camping.
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Units are available on a made to order process only.  Cost for base unit is $9,999 and will be available for delivery within 6 weeks of initial deposit of $2,500.

Email:   info@duracozy.com
Units Available:
Salt Lake City 2014