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DuraCozy - Q&A

Q - How much do your pop up campers weigh?
1,050 lbs.

Q - Does the camper have its own power source?
Yes, a 12 volt battery that recharges as you drive your vehicle

Q - How to you load/unload the camper
Manual camper jacks

Q - What are the advantages of DuraCozy truck campers?
Back Country access, quiet and convenient set-up, efficient transportation and durability of design and materials 

Q - What is Sunbrella?
Sumbrella is a high quality material that is both highly water and UV ray resistant. The material is available in a variety of colors including Green, Blue, Black, White, Beige, and Maroon. Other colors can be specially ordered. Sumbrella is used for the top soft-sides, as well as for inside cushion covering.

Q - Can you customize the color of fiberglass to match your truck?
The base DurtaCozy camper color is white with a variety of graphics. Other base colors can be requested under a customized order.

Q - What are some of the inside options for "creature comfort" with your truck bed campers?
Fresh water tank, Kitchenette with sink, Stereo with MP3 compatibility, DVD player, table(s), Propane gas, icebox, satellite connectivity, and plenty of lighting. 

Q - Will DuraCozy campers fit on my short bed truck?
DuraCozy Campers will fit both short and long-bed standard pickup trucks. With a short bed, the tailgate needs to be removed or left open when the camper is on the truck.

Q - Can I access the inside of the Camper when it is in its compact position?
Yes, the door is fully functional in both expanded and compact positions.

Q - Does DuraCozy have external hook ups?
Yes, the camper can be plugged to 110v poser to run all electrical systems, and to recharge the battery.

Q - What are the campers dimensions?
Compact outside dimensions = 8' Length x 6' Width x 3.6' Height.  Inside expanded dimensions = 8' Length x 9' Width x 6' Height

Truck Bed Campers FAQ